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Affordable wedding ring sets from Edwin Earls Jewelry.  We know that money is tight for most everyone so we have collected some beautiful wedding ring sets for the bride.  Our cubic zirconia wedding ring sets are made from some of the finest materials available to bring you beautiful rings with extremely high quality and cheap prices.  Our ring sets are made from .925 stering silver with a white gold rhodium finish, we also have our brass base rings that are 14k yellow gold plated and 14k white gold plated as well.  We are now offers matching engagement and wedding ring set in 316L stainless steel which is extremely durable and longlasting.  You can see our selection of cz wedding ring sets and evaluate which on of these metals would best suit your lifestyle.

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Two Tone Gold & Silver Stainless Steel Cz Wedding Ring


Two Tone Cz Wedding Ring Set Stainless Steel


Beautiful Cz Wedding Ring Set in Stainless Steel


1.25 Ct. Solitaire with Accent Stones


1.25 ct Solitaire Cz Wedding Ring Set


Round Cut Cz Wedding Ring Set


Three Ring Cz Engagement Ring Set Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Cz Wedding Ring Set


Sterling silver cz wedding ring sets affordable wedding ring sets with extreme qualtiy.

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